As a Drying Wind Takes Hold, Rain Departs While Snow Continues in Northern Mountains
As Cold Returns, River Flooding Eases

Gemind Meteor Shower to Light Up the New England Sky

A cold front marching across New England Wednesday clears just in time to allow for clearing after a blossom of late day clouds, with the likely exception of the far North Country.  As the sky clears, the Gemind Meteor Shower will be on display in the sky over New England.  The Geminds are different from many meteor showers, as they originate from an asteroid, not a comet!  Often, meteorites are the product of dust and debris left in the wake of a passing comet, but in the case of the Geminds, asteroid “3200 Phaethon” is responsible for the more dense collection of dust that burns up upon striking the Earth’s atmosphere, creating the bright streaks of light across our night sky.  Named the Geminids because of their appearance to emanate from the constellation Gemini, you really can look almost anywhere in the night sky from 10pm Wednesday night through predawn Thursday to enjoy these meteorites.  That said, looking about 40 degrees above the horizon in the northeast sky marks a good starting point for the night, and it’s always best to be away from city lights, though the brighter Geminids would even be visible from areas with light pollution.  Technically, the best time to view will be prior to dawn Thursday morning and it’s worth noting, like many meteor showers, the Geminids aren’t confined to only one night: although not as impressive, some meteors will be seen in the nights ahead, as well.  One more important note!  If you’re headed out tonight, dress for wintry air!  The aforementioned cold front crossing New England Wednesday will have opened the door to chilly temperatures dropping into the 20s Wednesday night with a wind chill in the teens and even the single digits in Northern New England!


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