Near-record warmth, wind and rain for the midweek in New England
While rain takes center-stage in New England this week, there's hope for big late-weekend snow in the North Country

Cold air relaxes Friday, Showery spring pattern sets up thereafter

LKS_FRONTS_BOSDMA - 2024-02-29T081045.471Wind has dipped below damaging levels but continues to be blustery Thursday with wind chill values never rising out of the 20s at even the warmest time of the day, while actual high temperatures hover around 30 degrees.  Sunshine fading behind building clouds that yield scattered snow showers with little impact will be ineffective in warming the air before the sun sets, snow showers diminish, and the wind quiets a bit for the overnight into Friday morning.  Friday sunshine will dawn with a gentle wind, but by afternoon a new, southwest breeze will start carrying milder air into New England to bump daytime highs well into the 40s.  Although the air will still be dry enough to hold off any precipitation into Saturday morning, clouds will thicken Friday night and a mostly cloudy stretch unfolds for days on end, with Saturday morning’s dry start giving way to scattered rain showers arriving by late morning to midday in Southern New England and expanding north during the afternoon.  Showers will morph into an area of more consolidated rain Saturday afternoon, evening and night as a storm center develops south of New England, with its counterclockwise flow of air around the center bringing a northeast wind to much of New England by Sunday into Monday.  Of course, a northeast wind is off the ocean and this time of year the ocean is only around 40 degrees, so an onshore wind means cooler temperatures than might otherwise be expected from the airmass.  That said, it’s a mild airmass!  So, rather than all of us jumping into the 50s Sunday and Monday, we’ll likely land in the upper 40s or around 50 – warmer than normal for this time of the year.  In fact, when showers break and clouds may part enough for a few splashes of sun Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, while the northeast wind relaxes, temperatures may rise well into the 50s before another round of rain arrives for the end of next week.  As of right now, our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast holds hope of moving the rain along by next weekend.


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